Teresa Cottinelli - Architect, Baker, Designer of clothes & child toys - Portugal

“Living as an expat for six years, jumping from country to country, leaving behind my family and friends as well as my professional life, adding a workaholic husband and a teenage daughter, didn’t make my life easy. In fact, these past few years, I’ve lived exclusively for them…ignoring myself. Their wellbeing was my priority. And although I thought that would make me feel complete and happy, I didn’t. I felt trapped, low on self-esteem, lonely, unappreciated and empty. I let myself go – floating over stagnated and muddy waters, no energy to react or perhaps a lack of will to do so. Luckily, I met Katie, who with all her wisdom and accurate perception (and her friendship), turned my negativity on positivity. Always asking the right questions at the perfect time; Katie made me realize who I really was, made me appreciate myself again, “re-find” my whole self. She showed me that I had all the tools to create the life I wanted and that I was strong enough to react and regain my power and so I did. Today I have multiple little businesses that fill my heart with joy while each time co-creating with the population of the country I live in. A big, huge thank you Katie."

Kendall Lankford - Associate Director - US

"I connected with Katie while I was going through coach training. I was still feeling unsure of the gifts that I had to share with the world. I was in a state of really trying to get to know and believe in myself. I was reading all types of self-help books, taking personality assessments, listening to podcasts; you name it, I was seeking it out. When I received the Soul profile reading from Katie, my mouth dropped open. I couldn’t believe that the small amount of information I had provided Katie could yield something that spoke to me so deeply. Just from that profile, I felt seen and known. Then during my session with Katie, she was so affirming and asked me such insightful questions, it took my understanding of what was being expressed in the profile to another level. I always keep the profile at hand and refer back to it often. Katie provided the profile, went over it in detail, and helped me to see how to apply it to my work as a coach. But another thing she did was guide me through a visualization around who the people I want to serve are and what my message is. This is work I had been doing in my coach training, but this practical exercise made it real, and it made it clear. It has stuck with me to this day. Katie is creative, intuitive, and resourceful. She has an energy that draws you toward her and that energy flows back to you in wonderful ways. If you’ve had contact with Katie and are wondering if you should work with her, I’d tell you to DO IT! You haven’t stumbled across her path by coincidence. Listen to you intuition and find out how Katie can help you manifest any dreams you have for your life."

Abby Wyers - Connection Coach for mums - US

"Working Katie was very insightful. It affirmed to me parts of myself that I was aware of and also parts that I wasn't so aware of and that may need more development as strengths. The process gave me new ways of seeing myself and my gifts. Katie is a passionate facilitator of this work, an excellent listener, and has a unique ability to really see who you are."

Amy Babish - Therapy, Coaching & Retreats - US

"Katie's process for delivering the insights was something that only Katie can give.  She brings illuminated clarity with compassionate directness.  Some parts can be hard or surprising to recognise.  Katie ensures that you are not just hearing what she is sharing.  She wants you to know deep in your soul that you can have freedom through this knowing and releasing process. If you are wanting to have clarity of how to step more fully into yourself, your flow, relationships, or sacred work, Katie's guidance can be an integral resource in your process."

Kaly McKenna - Chief Innovation Officer US Air Force - US

“Katie holds a deep grace, depth of presence and profound levels of insight. She delved into the deepest coding of my soul with ease and grace and imparted messages to me with striking clarity. I understood the wisdom Katie speaks on the mind level, but also in my heart and, over time, I felt the impact of her guidance on the very core of my being. Katie has a brilliant gift and it was a distinct privilege to witness her magic and influence unfold in my life."

Kathleen Leahy Pellegrini - Soul Investor - Energy Coach - US

“When I was working with Katie it was like putting the pieces of the puzzle together. I could understand , with this new context, why I was drawn to certain things and why I would dislike other things. She helped me to clearly see I needed to lead with my heart. Katie has an almost angel like presence and will also tell you the truth. It is a magical combination."

Jennifer Koons - Journalist & writer - US

“Working with Katie felt so effortless, only hours later did it hit me that we'd only just met. So deep and true were her insights and so comforting her presence as she guided me through everything step by step with kindness and confidence. I found myself nodding along near constantly as she described the person I have always known myself to be. But she went further than that in offering me invaluable insights into my past, my predispositions, my strengths and corresponding weaknesses and the blocks I would need to address to really find the joy and freedom I have been seeking."